Post #4 – June 6, Czech Republic – Another Collage of Experiences

Summer finally arrived this week! No rain, weather in the 70’s and 80’s. Beautiful!

The week began with a Sunday visit to the grandparents in Cimelice – Jiri and Alena Drnek, my second cousins (same great grandfather). Going there reminds me of going to my grandmother’s home for Sunday dinner, except they are my age! And they have a puppy. After a great meal of garlic soup, roast duck, sauerkraut and of course dumplings, we went to the local small carnival.

I finished my outdoor furniture project by recovering cushions. Like most of my projects at home, I underestimated the time, but the result was definitely worth the effort.

Pilsen was my destination on Thursday. I had a great day with Milena Bolinova, a village friend who grew up there. A city of 169,000, it is only about 38 miles away (keep in mind that distance is in kilometers here, so I'm guessing).
We saw a lot, but didn't kill ourselves, my preferred method of touring. First we toured and climbed the spire of St. Bartholomew cathedral. More amazing views!

Then to the Pilsen Synagogue. Built in 1893, it was used till 1942, when 2600 Jews we were deported to Theremin concentration camp and only 204 survived the war. The Jewish community is restoring it.

Next a walk through a park with impressive sculptures and lunch.

Last stop Pilsner Urquell Brewery tour. The place is huge and the tour really interesting.

Friday I was on a completely different page. I taught an English class for 10-11 year olds in Blatna, where a cousin, Fanda and Anezka, Milena's daughter, go to school. I drew on my past Camp Director skills and had a blast. Plus my photos of Idaho whitewater and Costa Rica helped a lot! If you look at the USA map, I've also been upgraded to an almost oceanfront property owner!

Later in the day, Fanda and Anezka gave me a nature tour by rowboat around the local lake and we ended the day with a good bike ride, parents included. Followed by a visit to the family-friendly pub.

2 thoughts on “Post #4 – June 6, Czech Republic – Another Collage of Experiences


    Hi Joan, You are amazing! I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in this post and the previous as well. The pictures are fabulous…buildings are so colorful. Your project turned out nicely. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

    Safe travels, Carol

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