Post #5 – Nuremberg, Germany – June 11

So far this week:
1. A day in Prague with friendly peacocks and a stop at the Museum of Communism.

2. A visit to Terezin/Theresianstadt. The very disturbing “model” Jewish ghetto, used for Nazi propaganda. Music, art, theater and literature and sports raised people’s’ spirits, while Gestapo families had a beautiful pool next to the firing squad location in the prison.

3. Solo trip to Nuremburg, Germany. A beautiful small city founded in 1491. Parts of the city wall and gates intact. Mandatory visit to the castle. Marveled at the bridges over the small river.

4. Today was World War II history education. Nazi Party Rallying Grounds and Documentation Center provides an intensive presentation of the rise and control mechanisms of Hitler and his Nazi party. It really was about “bread and circuses” and lots of psychology used for coercion and inspiration. The Kunstbunker is a very interesting tour of the underground tunnels under the city that were used to hide and protect art in climate controlled environment. Think “Monuments Men”, only these works were not stolen. Finally, the museum of the Nuremberg war crimes trials and another audio tour satiated my need for information and desire to experience the places that changed the course of world events.

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