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Post #7 – Post-Trip Wrap

I returned home last week and am finally making the time to write my last trip blog. Lots of real-life tasks consuming my time, especially trying to get my jungle yard under control. One day of sun for the month of June and record amounts of rain have created massive amounts of weeds and overgrown flower beds.

My last post left off in Salzburg. I want to add a comment to note how cyclist-friendly Germany and Austria and the Czech Republic are. Bike lanes on urban streets, rental bikes in cities, marked cycling routes in the countryside used by touring cyclists, bikes on trains and a great bike parking lot at the Salzburg Bahnhoff.

From Salzburg I traveled by train to Breclav, Moravia in the southern Czech Republic. There I had a great visit with Jitka and Steve Thirkettle’s family.  Thanks to all for showing me a taste of Moravia.

Near the Austrian border, this area is much different from South Bohemia, where I spend most of my time. It is wine country and the terrain is flat. The highlight of the visit was a day spent at a UNESCO world heritage site, the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Nature Complex. A large area with two castles, a natural landscape and several other structures with a town and village was owned by the Family Liechtenstein, the royal family that reigns over the country of Liechtenstein. The family fled the country in 1939 and the property was not returned. First possessed by the Communist regime, it is now belongs to the Czech government.

I returned to Tchorovice with only a few days to go before returning home. It was a good time spent with the children, cousins and friends.

Saturday, June 20 was the Drnek Family Party. We prepared for rain and cleaned  the barn to set tables up inside, but  got lucky with only a few drizzles and a rainbow. Thirty people attended and it ended around 3:00 am. A memorable event! The Jana’s interviewed people to add to the family tree and reached a total of 500 names. Now I know my great grandfather seven generations ago was named Petr Drnek and he died in 1784. Probably in the same village, where the Drnek name was first noted in the 1300’s!

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The village chapel in front of the Drnek’s garden where the family always rang the bell twice a day.

drnek family 2015Monday came too quickly and it was time to say nashledanou (goodbye). I never really do, so there is some comfort in that — believing we’ll all be together again. Hoping for next year.