Monthly Archives: May 2016

She’s Back….

Here I am again, in the Czech Republic visiting family. My sixth visit to a small village that feels like coming home. Thanks to Lenka and Ivo for hosting me. I am so fortunate to have connected with many good people here. And most of them are family! Five days of mostly chilling out, catching up on our lives over the past year and enjoying Tchorovice.

The house & barn facade is being redone. This means removing all the old stucco and hiring craftsmen to redo it. It is a very interesting restoration project that should take about two weeks. The end result will be amazing. Meanwhile, it is quite the construction zone!

I have enjoyed several walks around Tchorovice and the ponds and noticed the sound of cuckkoos. They sound just like the clocks! 

Sunday a 10 mile solo bike ride took me through the forest and local villages. Hidden is the forest is a World War I erected by a local factory owner for his men who were lost.

A morning in Plzen was fun.

Friday night at the pub, I had an introduction to six Czech liqueurs: prevazaj (blood sucking liqueur), pfeffermint liqueuer, griotka (yum!), fernat (ick!), jahody (strawberry) and vajecnak (raw egg – like eggnog). A fun educational evening in the outdoor patio.

I am happy to be here. Talented entertainment on the home main stage!

Spring blooms

This is an experimental post that I created on my Iphone. The ease of creating it will determine whether or not I take my Surface pad to Europe with me. I leave this week for the Czech Republic and hope to blog.

My garden and spring flowers provide me with a lot of joy at this time of year, so I thought I would share some. 😎

Decision made. It was simple. One less item to schlep around!