Let’s Meet in Europe

May 31 was the day my friend Phyllis Zebrowski, from Seattle, WA, joined me on the trip. We’ve been friends since kindergarten and had not seen each other in three years. The plan was to spend a few days in Tchorovice an then travel.

I spent the day touring in the rain in Pribram and Dobris before meeting Ivo after work to pick up Phyllis at Prague’s airport. Here are some photos from my day. A lot of walking took me to a basilika on the “holy mountain” and photo gallery in Pribram. Then I found the right bus to Dobris to visit a chateau.


                                                                           The airport pickup was a comedy of errors. The plane was coming from Frankfurt and we knew from a text it was delayed. Calls to Lufthansa and the airport resulted in the answers that they did not know where the plane was. Meanwhile, an internet search tracked it in the air. To drive into Prague or to return home? We went to the airport and Phyllis appeared. The plane left Frankfurt not knowing where it would land due to weather problems. She was just happy to get to Prague.

It was great to reconnect with each other in Europe. We enjoyed our time in the village with everyone and toured Blatna’s water castle with its’ herd of fallow deer wandering the park. 

We spent part of a day in Plzen and took two trains back, an adventure in itself.

After a birthday party on Saturday, we took out the backpacks and got the bus to Prague to catch an overnight train to Krakow, Poland. Negotiating trains is challenging!

1 thought on “Let’s Meet in Europe

  1. cazofchak@gmail.com

    Lovely church and pictures. I am glad you connected with your friend and she arrived safely. Enjoy your travels together. I am off to Atlanta tomorrow early afternoon and the on to Dublun, Ireland on the evening of the 9th through 17th, back home from Atlanta on the 21st.

    I always enjoy receiving your posts. Safe travels.


    Sent from my iPad



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