Daily Archives: June 27, 2016

Around the Village

Tchorovice has been home base for the last two weeks. When Phyllis went home, I was more than happy to do as little as possible for several days. It has been very relaxing. 

We picked about 15 gallons of strawberries at 2 fields. The best ones came from a highly organized operation – numbered rows, strawberry police and assigned marked spots to pick. It was so busy and popular, we waited in line about 20 minutes to get the berries weighed!

The facade construction job is moving along when the weather cooperates. We have had a lot of on and off rain showers. The guys on the crew are hard workers and very friendly.

I’ve enjoyed the  slower pace of the village, swimming at the Blatna pool, hanging with the kids and a little cycling.

I didn’t get to see the Cavs win the NBA championship, but Dave provided the details on Facetime and endless Facebook posts conveyed the excitement.

A “Facebook friend” cousin who I had not yet met invited me to his weekend house in the forest near Plzen. Jarda Drnek was a great host. A big thank you goes to his friend Liba for being my translator and driver. We hiked and hunted mushrooms, had a campfire, guitar playing and singing. And pivo 🍻😎 Dekuji,  Jarda.

The Tchorovice gang. Always fun.

And the ubiquitous videos and games.

We had a very successful tie dying party. Everyone learned quickly. Even the little kids enjoyed it.

Saturday evening we had a girls’ night out in Blatna. Very nice patio restaurant with great food. I tried beef cheeks (a Rick  Steves recommendation). Yum.

Return to Blatna Zamek to feed the fallow deer.