Last Week

Two highlights of my last week were a visit with Jana Drnkova & Jan Drnek and the Drnek family party.

The visit started with a Vietnamese dinner at Pho in Prague.

Jana is recovering from a broken leg, so I went with Wilda on a great bike ride along the river, through fields and forest paths, villages and roads. 

The next day we drove to Kutna Hora to see Saint Barbara’s chuch. Built in the style of a cathedral, Construction began in 1388 and finished in 1905. 

The “bone church”is an ossuary where the bones of 40,000 plague and war victims were disinterred. Some were used to decorate the ossuary.

The family party was Saturday, July 2.Hosted by the Sv0bodniks, these parties correspond to my visits.I’m honored to be here for them and they are always fun. This year we celebrated Jirka & Alena Drnek’ss 40th anniversary. I leave on Tuesday. So it was also anice goodbye.

1 thought on “Last Week


    WELCOME HOME!!!!! You sure had a great adventure. How wonderful that your family welcomed you with such open arms.




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