Post European Trip Blog (written July 14)

On June 21, I returned home from five weeks in Europe. Everyday life quickly hijacked my time and only now am I sitting down to write my final blog.

I flew to Prague from London on June 1. A little tired from traveling, not a surprise. I had been in two countries with different monetary systems and languages, traveling with friends and on my own, and stayed in four different locations. Navigated multiple methods of transportation: buses, two planes, 5 trains, 3 taxis and the London Tube.  And I walked an average of 6 miles a day. A trip within a trip. It was good to be back. There were a few days when I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation and some down time. Malvina appreciated the down time.


The Svobodnik family and I spent the weekend in Tchorovice and Cimelice. I stayed on two days to work in the garden. The sense of accomplishment, nice weather, a couple of walks and the solitude made it a special interlude.




Traveling back to Prague was a little adventure in itself: one car train to Blatna, then two trains to Prague’s main train station and metro back to the flat in Smichov.

In Prague again, it was nice to know that there was still plenty of time to explore new places and not feel like I needed to race around every day being a tourist. One unusual evening I went with Ivo to a tennis club to meet his friends and then go out for a drink. This is in a Prague neighborhood, very urban. If you listen to the video, you will hear the pet COUGAR that someone kept outside the apartment building next to the court. Strange. I wondered if they reduce rents for the noise disturbance? LOL

The three tourist experiences I chose, I would highly recommend. 1. A boat trip on the Vltava River – a totally different view of Prague. 2. A tour of the Obecny Dum (Municipal House), an art deco masterpiece. 3. A World War 2 walking tour that included underground and focused partly on Operation Anthropoid, the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi official in charge of Czechoslovakia and the Final Solution (Holocaust). Most of the time it was great to do the little everyday things – some wandering, hanging out, shopping, realizing I was comfortable with the metro and could find my way around a city that I love. And there is still more to see and do on my list!

Another weekend in the village, we took a day trip in the Barkas campervan with the Bolinov family to Orlik. This is a large reservoir on the Vltava River. We started at Orlik Castle, then took a very enjoyable boat trip down to Zvikov Castle. I toured Zvikov, which was built in the 1200’s and was the seat of the Bohemian kings. A beautiful enchanting location. The kids had fun playing in the water and on the boat.

Back in Prague, I had a chance to go to Oto and Eda’s kindergarten (pre-school) end of the year program. The school is a very impressive place, with good energetic teachers, curriculum and ambitious field trips for the kids. The program  was really fun. Oto’s class did an Indian circle dance and Eda was a dancing ladybug to Czech folk music.

I enjoyed a nice visit with cousins Jana & Wilda Drnek in Celakovice. Their fantastic walled garden is a private special refuge where you could spend all your time.


My last weekend was very busy. Friday I took the metro back into Prague and caught a bus to Blatna, where Ivo picked me up to go to the village. Our family gathering was Saturday. It’s always nice to see people enjoy each other’s company.

The teenagers avoided the group photo and more people came after we took it, but all in all it was a really nice party. Complete with karaoke entertainment provided by Eda.


Sunday I took the train to Plzen, for a barbeque with Jarda Drnek’s family.  Martin Drnek picked me up, our first in-person meeting other than Facebook. We went to his sister Svatka’s lovely home outside of the city and had a pleasant afternoon. Jonathan, Martin’s 18 month old, stole the show. I am so lucky to meet family who are fluent in English!

Monday was supposed to be my last day, so Lenka and I went to Letna Park, another beautiful green space in Prague. I’m continually impressed with number of parks in the city, all well-used. This one is high on a hill above the Vltava and I had never been there. We enjoyed a nice lunch in its’ large beer garden with a restaurant. It was in the 80’s and very humid, but we walked back to Andel, close to the flat in Smichov.  I didn’t go back, but metroed to Florenc and wandered around Karlin, where I discovered a beautiful basilika. My mission was to meet Martin, who gave me “Ferda the Frog”, created by his business, for the boys. It’s a great learning toy with a story book that helps kids to identify and manage their emotions. The boy s loved it, especially the flies whose names were feelings. They were done for the day by the time we took the photo.

I did not leave on Tuesday as planned. First my flight was delayed, then canceled. The upside was spending time at Zlute Lazne, a beach area on the Vltava with children’s pools.  It was really fun and a reprieve from the 94 degree heat. Another plus was that my three flights  home were upgraded to business class for free.

Another great trip to my “home away from home”. That’s right – I pretend that I live there. Part of the “do it while you can” philosophy that works for me. As you can see from my photos, the highlight of these visits are the people I spend them with. It’s always good to be home, but I’m soon ready to return.

5 thoughts on “Post European Trip Blog (written July 14)

  1. babytime3

    Joan, your travels are so adventurous! I would love to go to Prague after hearing your description.

    Sent from my iPhone



    Great blog and recap of your European Trip. You are so lucky to be able to connect with your European family. Not many people have that opportunity. I can see why you look forward to returning. Its like a whole new chapter for you.

    Carrie >

  3. Carol

    I know you always have a great time on your trips but it sounds like this one was especially good. Thanks for sharing your travel story and the pictures (!); I always enjoy hearing about your trips. I’m also copying your blog and will share it with Nancy. She enjoys reading your travelogue too.

    We need to get together (with Nancy S and Nancy T) some time. Let’s talk about a plan.


    PS I have four foster kittens…so cute….placed two others this past week so things are moving along. Talk to you soon.


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