Czech Republic Trip: Part I, Family Time

My trip was May 8 – June 11, the fifth variation of visiting family and exploring new places. I stayed with cousins Lenka, Ivo, Oto and Eda in their Prague flat, explored new destinations in the city and travelled during the week. On weekends, like many residents, we left Prague for the countryside.z


5 thoughts on “Czech Republic Trip: Part I, Family Time

  1. Carol

    It’s always great to hear about your trips to the Czech Republic…thanks for sharing. It sounds like you had a good time and it’s always nice to see extended family. I made a copy of everything to share with Nancy.

    She has been working overtime at the shop to fill in for a volunteer who is out of town. Also working our spay/neuter program. We’re doing a special feature spaying 50 female cats for free for anyone who calls in. We’re about half way to the goal. Nancy has been manning the phone the last two weeks (on Thursdays)and I’ll be there tomorrow to give her some relief.

    Now that you’re home (for a while, I hope) maybe we can get together for lunch or dinner…Nancy S, Nancy T. you and me….let me know if you are available and I’ll contact the Nancys.



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