2019 Travel Wrap

My blog functions as a travel journal that provides a record of memorable trips. I fell off the blog wagon, no excuses. So the purpose of this post is do a little catching up for 2019 in one evening. More photos than words will speed it up.

In late June, I spent a week on Hilton Head Island. The significance of this trip was that it was my first large group (17 people) house-sharing experience. The White family has done this for years. I have not and was unsure whether it would be too much togetherness for me. It was not. We had a blast. It helped that the house could sleep 20 with multiple gathering areas, had a pool and great view of the marsh and beach.

Three of us also spent in a day in Savannah, where we took a trolley tour. And I got to see my college roommate Frances when we met for lunch in Beaufort.

In July  went to a Burned Out Canoe Club reunion in West Virginia. From there drove to Ohiopyle, PA, where we joined friends to camp and boat. This group has met there the week after July 4th for 30 plus years.


At the end of August, Dave and I drove to Idaho for a trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. We took my car because the truck camper Dave built in 2014 is no more. We had 5 great summer adventures out west in it, but it’s time to replace the truck so he dismantled  the camper. It felt strange not traveling in “the dirigible”, but we did short trips out and back. On the way out, we stopped at the Fort Kearney museum in Nebraska, Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming and Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. There we stayed in an old hotel where Teddy Roosevelt had stayed in the next room. It wasn’t the national parks, but my touristing desires were satisfied.

We found a great Airbnb in our friend Bill’s neighborhood before and after the river trip. It provided extra space for staging and post-trip cleanup. It was my second airbnb experience and I would highly recommend it. The trip prep went quickly and within three days our little group of five headed north to the river. We have worked together long enough that it goes smoothly. The trip was laid back with some challenging weather and low water conditions. Once again it was a great time on this very special river.

After the trip we had a party at our house and we did a girls’ outing to the Boise farmers market.

The last trip of the year was over Thanksgiving in South Dartmouth, MA at Katie and Terry Hamric’s home. We stayed over in Albany on the way and enjoyed a stop at Druthers Brewery.  Dartmouth is a beautiful area south of Boston known as the “farm coast”. The Ramos’s were there too and it was a party. Bea White passed away in May and we all missed the holiday with her in Newbury, but it was a good way to reinvent Thanksgiving.


The other big travel-related item for 2019 is the new RPod 179. It will be the 2020 mode of travel😎


3 thoughts on “2019 Travel Wrap

  1. Carol

    Hi! Always great to hear about your trips and enjoy the pictures….thanks for sharing. I made a copy for Nancy so she can read about your travels too.

    It’s about time for the three of us to have lunch/dinner. Now that you are staying put for a while, let me know when you can meet and we’ll catch up.



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