Western Trip, September 2021

This post is mostly a ”photo dump”. The point is to get something up that supports my attempts at an online trip diary.

For a number of years, the end of August has meant camping our way west with the destination of a river trip. This year was the second season in the P Pod (Rpod camper) and I confess to loving it. Comfort and convenience combined with outdoor travel is a good thing at this stage of my life.

Since we only had a week to get to Jackson, Wyoming and the national parks are crazy with people, we repeated last year‘s route, staying off the interstate highways up through the Black Hills of South Dakota and across Wyoming to the Tetons. Custer State Park has become a favorite place and I was thrilled to get one of the last two online reservations for two nights in the park.

A bison herd visited our campground the morning we left.

From the park, we drove to Casper, Wyoming where we camped again at Gruner Brothers brewery. The difference this year was several RVs in the parking lot. Apparently they took my suggestion and joined Harvest Home, an RV membership group with different sites around the country that allow camping on their property. The next night we “boondocked” in the same snowmobile parking lot as 2020 outside Grand Teton National Park.

We got a quick bike ride in on a trail in the park and a stop at the Snake River Brewery on the way to our friend Bill’s forest service camp, where we camped.

For the last couple years we have planned a river trip around forest fire smoke. This year’s destination river was the Main Salmon River in Idaho and the smoke cooperated so we could go. The challenge this year was prepping and staging an eight day river trip out of a campground. We made it work. Slick had driven from Florida and Mike drove in from Ohio. We met Bruce and Ted from Boise at our put in. Yes, it was another Joan and men river trip. When someone, as a complement, described me as one of the guys, I informed them that I preferred that they think of me as a princess 😂 It was a good trip on a beautiful river. Great sandy campsites so I could pretend I was at the beach. Some of these photos were taken by Bill and Mike.

On the way home we found a couple of very nice campgrounds and stopped in Laporte, Indiana for a short visit with our friends Martha and Steve King. The weather was so exceptional that Martha and I visited two Lake Michigan beaches.

Western Trip 2021

4 thoughts on “Western Trip, September 2021

  1. scottandjody

    Looks like another wonderful trip; thanks for posting. It was eight years ago that you stopped by and saw us at our pre-departure training in Colorado. I think you were on your way to finish Dave’s big wheel ride across the U.S.


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